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Some of you are total keeners, we announced our first contest just over a month ago (strange that it coincided with our relaunch, almost like we planned it), and way back then we told you that we’d start accepting submissions YESTERDAY.  And you know what?  Some of you were ready to do so… sadly we still are not quite ready for you.

Although we are hugely impressed that you’ve managed to meet the beginning of the submission period with new writing that meets our theme, I missed my deadline and probably need a couple more days before everything is ready for you to submit.

So given that you’re already finished writing your contest winning entry, what can you do with your time?  Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Tell other people about the contest, after all there’s still second place available (we recommend telling everyone you know, using email, twitter, facebook, homemade posters and especially skywriting)
  2. Relax and read some of the site content, have you really read all 349 poems, 204 stories and 134 nonfiction pieces on the site?*
  3. Check out your author page (if you have one) or those of authors you know, and send us updated information (here’s all the info you can include)
  4. Start stalking us or your favourite Abandoned Towers authors by checking out their websites, following on twitter and liking on facebook (our links in the sidebar, theirs on their author pages)
  5. Read about all of Abandoned Towers Volunteer Opportunities and see if any of them interest you (if you can’t decide we’re a little light on contest judges for Poetry)
  6. Check out Write 1 Sub 1 and consider taking up the challenge
  7. Listen to some episodes of Writing Excuses the podcast which was one of the early dominoes in the chain that led to K.E. Abel becoming our Managing Editor (the podcast now features Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor and Dan Wells)
  8. If all of that isn’t enough to hold you over, you can write MORE submissions for the contest and take advantage of the discounts when you submit in multiples of 3, after all unlike in the Olympics you can take all podium positions all by yourself (that and if you’ve managed to find performance enhancing drugs we’ll be a little impressed, and you won’t be disqualified, although we hope it’s just caffeine)
So if you’re still paying attention, I (the webmaster) haven’t finished the eSub System which will support the contest submission process yet.  It will probably only be a couple more days, and we’ll announce when it’s ready.  We hope that you like it, and I’m sorry that it’s not ready yet.

* numbers accurate at the time of this post.

p.s.  Once the eSub system is ready, you’ll be able to use it for contest entries, and we’ll move regular submissions to it (from email) shortly thereafter.  This will allow us to make better use of our existing stable of slush readers, and we should hopefully be able to catch up on responses to submissions.

Author: David Cowley
Date Posted: Fri, 02 Mar 2012, 11:53:52am PST
Categories: Announcements

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