NOTE: Abandoned Towers is temporarily (as of May 1 2013) closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest. We will remove this header when we are again accepting work.

Our Submission Process:

Step 1: Read the submission guidelines. Seriously. They are there for a reason. We hate to have an author waste their time sending a perfectly good piece to us that just doesn’t fit in our magazine. Save yourself time and read the guidelines.

* Step 2: Send us your story or poem. Email with the subject “SUB: Last name – Title”.  For example, if your name is J. Conner and your poem was called “Elephants”, your subject would be “SUB: Conner – Elephants”.  We really can’t overstate how important it is that you correctly label your submission, as it helps us track, filter and sort them appropriately.  It also makes it much easier for us to find it if you need to ask us questions.  Keep in mind that although you might only submit a single piece, we’re receiving hundreds of submissions a month.  Oh and it also helps prevent your submission being marked as spam and vanishing into the internet ether.

We will accept .txt, .doc and .docx attachments.

Optional: let us know a little bit about you and your work in the body of the email. Don’t worry too much about this…think of it as if you’re telling a friend.

* Note: we’re looking at moving to an eSubmission system, so this step may change dramatically soon.

Step 3: We’ll email you. When we receive your submission, we will try to acknowledge that within a couple of days.  If you have not heard from us within a week, send a query. We will try to let you know within six weeks whether we will accept your submission or not and whether we would like it for the print or web mag.  If you have not heard back from us within six weeks, send us an email with the subject “QUERY: Last name, Title”.


Listed at Duotrope For your convenience here’s a direct link to Abandoned Towers on Duotrope. small bannerWe’re also listed on on the “token” page at present.